Video is a really helpful to when you are trying to tell a story or when you simply want to show someone how things are done. Photography can do that, but not in the way video can, especially if context in a necessity.

As part of their new research project, TUBRIC (Temple University Brain Research and Imaging Center) ¬†needed a way to let their “little” participants know what they would experience during their visit to their new Magnetic Resonance Image ¬†(MRI) facility. It order to help them understand what to expect, Colibri Workshop worked with their staff to create a video touring their facility and explaining step by step with voiceover what its like to have an MRI done at their facility.

The final video was a team effort with the staff at TUBRIC and Dave Tavani from Dave Tavani Video and Photo. Finally Maria from TUBRIC was kind enough to sit with us to record a the voiceover used in the final video.