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Operating Outside the Lines tells the story about Brandywine Workshop in Philadelphia. Brandywine was founded in 1972 as a printmaking organization that has dedicated it’s energy to the creation, documentation and preservation of a legacy of culturally diverse American art and ensuring the participation of multi-ethnic artists in the field of fine arts printmaking and related media technologies. This film was part of a larger project called Community Vision created by Scribe Video Center in Philadelphia. For more information on the project visit:

Following a ling tradition of fine art printmaking in Philadelphia, the workshop was inspired by the legacy of African American artists Samuel J. Brown, Raymond Steth, Dox Thrash. In addition to a younger generation of Philadelphia based printmakers like John E. Dowell, Jr., Phyllis Thompson, James Gadson, and Allan Edmunds who were gaining visibility and recognition, inciting an upswing in interest in the medium in the minority community.

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