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The video was filmed in one production day starting with an artist interview in his backyard.

We interviewed Henry there in order to keep a safe distance not be in a confined space or the gallery using a telephoto lens and a shotgun mic that had a really good sound pickup pattern, and thankfully we had the space to work with. Once we were all satisfied with the interview material, we headed over to film the exhibition installation.

From Taller Puertorriqueño:


-Wilderness In Mind-

For his show at Taller, Bermudez is presenting a site-specific installation in the center of the gallery representing a new avenue of investigation. The show also features rarely seen and recent work.

His paintings, drawings, and installations are elaborate and rich with distinctive patterns that reference the Amazon jungle and contain Mexican, Peruvian, and Afro Latino influences. Bermudez is a process-intensive artist who creates monumental works that are both organic and geometric. In recent years Bermudez’s work has become more overtly political in addressing the politics of race, beauty, climate change, and immigration.

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