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The Food Trust Night Markets is one of those events that offers a good challenge. Held multiple times a year in different locations around Philadelphia, they are packed with people and lots of vendors full of energy. This is one of those events that you have to take some time a really plan ahead, especially if you are documenting the event without any help. Because of the large crowds of the markets, it is optimal to bring only what you need and in my case, I brought a ladder to give me that extra heigh boost above the crowds and one bag packed with just the essentials to keep my mobility.
The Market is challenging because you are racing agains the dark. Usually they are held right before sunset, so the light is right at its prime during the “golden hour”, but if you have a shot list, you better get to work before that light is gone. After the light is gone, you have to switch to a night photography mode which is challenging because of the low light that can cause motion blur.
Below is a selection of shots from the Night Market at the Gayborhood.

Enjoy that? You will these.