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Ursula Rucker signing

Jazz runs deep through Philadelphia. This is the place where many people have had formative moments in their careers. Now in its 5th year,  the Jazz Residency programs at the Kimmel center continues this tradition.. I had the pleasure of documenting the last two Residency cycles on assignment for Dave Tavani Freelance Video and Photo.

The selection of photos is from performances the artists conducted as they worked on refining their acts leading to the World Premier at the Kimmel Center.  

The artists leading projects in this year cycle were: Luke Carlos O’Reilly, Doug Hirlinger, and Colton Weatherston. Colton was documented by Dave Tavani.

Below are the descriptions of each of the projects from the Kimmel Center’s website:

Luke Carlos O’Reilly

Project Concept: A piece focused on the Black Lives Matter movement with choreographer Sanchel Brown and lyricist Pannan Hewitt. Beginning with his personal encounters with law enforcement, O’Reilly plans to channel fear, passion, sadness, and anger to inspire new music.

Doug Hirlinger

Project Concept: Alongside artists like Ursula Rucker, M’Balia Singley, Tim Motzer, and John Swana who together are working a piece entitled “Dear Philadelphia.” This new work will explore the challenges of gentrification and rising inequality and across the city.

Colton Weatherston

Project Concept: A musical portrait of the cultures, peoples, and faith groups, along Germantown Avenue.

Enjoy that? You will these.